Buying your pub?

For other Communities looking to buy their local pub we wish you every success. It is do-able with energy and enthusiasm.

On this page we have posted useful documents for communities wishing to buy their own pub.

Feel free to contact anyone on the Management Committee (numbers and emails listed elsewhere on this site) and we will be only too happy to take you through our experiences.

Consulting the village

Village feedback from initial consultation meetings –  Village Pub Meeting feedback

A summary of the village feedback formed an important element of the lease agreement with the Tenant  – Community vision feedback (excerpt from lease)

Setting up the community company and funding the pub

Rules –  Rules of The Baldons and Nuneham Community Society Ltd.

Pledging – How to Pledge and Why

FAQs – Seven Stars FAQ

Finding a tenant

We placed an advertorial in the Morning Advertiser – Morning advertiser advert

We asked applicants to complete this form – Applicant Template

Other relevant documents including our current shares offer can be found elsewhere on this site.